Sometime in 1884, a Spanish boat was navigating along the Yligan Bay, the boat captain who was attracted of the beautiful beaches in this area ordered his men to turn ashore and they disembarked nearby a very peaceful village.

When a villager who had gone fishing with a plentiful catch that day happened to pass by the place where the Spaniards is still cooking for their lunch, the fisherman shared to them half of his catch. In this occasion, the Spanish officer though an interpreter asked him about the name of the place. The generous fisherman answered “NAHAWAAN” thinking that the natives had abandoned the place. The Spaniards having a hard time to pronounce that word, muttered to himself “NAAWAN”.

Before the Spaniards left this place, the Spanish Officer called one of his men to show to him the map of Mindanao Island and marked the name he thought on the spot he calculated to be the location of the abandoned village.

This was how “NAAWAN” got its name.

Map of Misamis Oriental with Naawan highlighted

Naawan is a fourth class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 18,895 people. Naawan is recognized nationally as one of the most beautiful towns in the country; and was once declared the cleanest town of the Philippines in 2008.

In 1957, the barrio of Naawan, then part of Initao, was constituted into the town of Naawan. (Source)

Municipal: Naawan
Barangays: 10


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