Tagbalitang Cave

A pottery vessel of Kalanay tradition (because the oldest pottery of similar design is found in Kalanay cave in Masbate) which its origin is in North Vietnam during the metal period (ca. 300 BC – 1000 AD), found in a cave (Tagbalitang) used as burial at Brgy. San Martin,  Villanueva. (Source)

Two thousand years ago, there were already ancient Kagay-anons living around the vicinity of Hulaga, Himologan and Tagbalitang caves.

The Tagbalitang Cave is part of the limestone formation and the mouth of the cave is located at the slope of the hill orientated towards the east. Unfortunately, at the time of the survey, the mouth of the cave has been destroyed due to treasure hunting activities in the late 1980s. According to our informant, treasure
hunters blasted the mouth of the cave in search for gold causing the
mouth to collapse and thus blocking the opening. The cave is currently located inside the Municipal Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and owned by the local government. No artifacts were recovered at the foot of the hill. (Source)

The pottery can be seen at XU – Museo de Oro
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can be found on XU – Museo de Oro

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Barangay:San Martin
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