Agutayan Island

Crescent moon in shape and uninhabited, Agutayan Island has 5,000 square meters of white sand that sits on a 3-hectare marine sanctuary that serves as breeding ground of endangered giant clams. The giant clams are products of successful seeding project supported by the local government.
With its shallow water and amazing marine life, the place is ideal for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Camping is also allowed in the island. (Source)

Old Outpost

Agutayan new Watch Tower (Source)

Peaceful place for picture taking. (Source)

Agutayan Island is a marine sanctuary near the coast of Jasaan. It is accessible through a number of ways, but the quickest and the easiest access is through Liyang Beach, a few meters away from Jasaan proper. They have rentable boats for groups which you can hire for around P1,000. Like Camiguin White Island, Agutayan is devoid of trees or plants, and only a cottage for the sanctuary outpost stands on its side. It is advisable that you visit early in the morning to avoid the harsh heat of the sun. (Source – more pic)

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Agutayan Island
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