Island Ground & Beach Resort

The resort is located at the mouth of the Alubijid River on a large sandbar. The owner has built a long bridge of bamboo for guests to cross the river. There is only one hut available for overnight stays, but several cottages right on the waterfront for day guests. A simple toilet is available and cold drinks, snacks and refreshments can be bought in a small shop. A place to barbecue food you have brought with you is also available. A small settlement of fishing families is in the neighbourhood. The place is a nice hideaway, secluded by the sea. [Source]

Entrance Fee – 25php per person
Cottage Rate – 500 – 1,000
Table Rate – 250

[Link to a short video of the project on Youtube]

[Street View is from Feb 2016]

This point is 2.1km from CdO – Iligan Highway. Approx. 100 meter to the bridge from here.

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Address:Zone 4
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