Luna Gialla Resort


“For those who seek that ‘break from the hustle and bustle’, total tranquility can be surely achieved in this resort. With Buddhist antiques and statuettes visibly displayed, zen vibes are really felt either you’re just lounging in their open spaces or taking a dip in their pools.

The resort also has the makings of a highly rated resort as they have their own large pool, private villas, a function hall, a bar and karaoke. The exclusive resort is also designed with beautiful antique gardens, contributing more to its overall tranquil atmosphere.” (Source)


[Street View is from Feb. 2016]

500 meter from CdO – Butuan Highway (See link to Google Map below)


Website:no website found
Facebook:Luna Gialla Resort
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Mobile:0997 963 0379
Address:Purok 3
Google Map:Luna Gialla Resort


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