Coffee beans

Roasting by order

House of Java are now selling Coffee Beans from local farmers in Northern Mindanao.

The variant of Coffee beans, we offer to a start, is Robusta from Claveria. Available in different sizes –  30g, 100g, 250g  and 500g pouches or paper-bags.

Your coffee should always be fresh roast & grinded, so we only roast on order and recommend only buying small pouches with 100g or 250g. 

On stock is a 30g pouch with medium coffee ground, which is enough for 3-4 cups and is intended to give you a first taste & feeling of our roasting & grinding. On the pouch is marked grind-level, so you can have you order adjusted to the brewing method you prefer.

On Facebook, you can order your coffee fresh roasted (2 days rest) & a grind to your likes (6 grind levels). Please allow approx. 2 days after roasting, for degassing of beans. You will receive a message, when to pick-up.

Our coffee comes in brown paper-bags, to keep price low, and should be transfered to an air-tight canister or glass-jar to keep the coffee fresh. You can also opt to get your coffee in a re-usable pouch, for additional P20,-

Our sealed zip-locked 1-way vented pouches holds 250g or up to 500g, if you prefer that. The pouches is perfect for storing your coffee ground, if you don’t have a glass jar. 

Empty Drip Bags for Single Cup brewing, which you can fill to your liking with your favorite coffee are also available.

The Coffee Beans are sold from our Guesthouse Store. We are open from 9am – 12 noon or on request.
(House of Java, entrance from Sto. Nino Church road)

House of Java’s checked-in Guest can make their own fresh brewed coffee from our local farmers, for free.

The 30g pouch is also very suitable for your Pasalubong-shopping.

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