No Adds

“No Adds”

More and more users complain about “load times” and “third-party” scripts. A program called Ghostery, can scan any web page you visit and tell you how many “third-party trackers” it will find on it.

Trackers are small pieces of code that advertisers and ad-brokers place on pages or in cookies in order to monitor what you’re doing on the web and where you’ve been before hitting the current page. Ghostery can find such trackers. Some of them come from familiar names (Facebook, Google, Amazon, Doubleclick or Pinterest). But others are placed by outfits you maybe have never heard of, for example, Bidswitch, Brightcove, Crimtan, Sonobi, Taboola. These are companies that act as high-speed intermediaries between your browser and firms wanting to place ads on the web page you’re viewing. And theirs is the industry that pays the bills (and sometimes makes a profit) for the publisher whose “free” content you are perusing.

One might put up with it, even downloading several MB of useless data, over a fiber-optic connection, but on a mobile device, where bandwidth is lower and you’re paying by the MB, it’s increasingly annoying.


There’s no doubt online advertising is ruining the web experience for many users.



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