The Golden Route 1/2dfc/3/4bc

The Golden Route 1/2dfc/3/4bc


Cebu City (1)

Bohol (2dfc)
(Tubigon via Tagbilaran & Carmen to Jagna)

Camiguin (3)
(Mambajao to Benoni – West Coast)

Mindanao (4bc)
(Balingoan via Gingoog City & Claveria to Cagayan de Oro City)

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What to see in Cebu City:


Take the ferry from Cebu City to Tubigon (TGR 1/2x/3/4x)

Arriving in Tubigon…

What to see in Tubigon:


  1. Cabgan Island Bat Watching & Mangrove Tour Macaas* – Review
  2. Bamboo walk Macaas (Start point of the Cabgan Tour) – Review
  3. Tubigon Loom Weaving Exp. Tour Pinayagan Norte – Review
  4. Dagook Adventure Tour Experience Catigbian* – Review
  5. Bet ‘n Choy Farms Catigbian – Review
  6. Sagbayan Peak Sagbayan – Review

Accommodation in Tubigon

What to see following the route: TGR 1/2dfc/3/4a

TubigonTagbilaran/Panglao [55 km to Tagbilaran]

  1. Cantam-is Baslay Caves Loon – Review
  2. Kabantian Falls Loon – Review
  3. Cabilao island Loon* – Review
  4. Loon Macaques Loon* – Review
  5. Inang-angan Stairway Loon – Review
  6. Mag-aso Falls Antequerra – Review
  7. Night Kayaking Mangrove Eco-adv. Tour Maribojoc* – Review
  8. Puntacruz Watch Tower Maribojoc* – Review

Accommodation between Tubigon and Tagbilaran

What to see in Tagbilaran / Panglao Island:

  1. Blood Compact Shrine Tagbilaran City – Review
  2. Bohol National Museum Tagbilaran City – Review
  3. Alona Beach Panglao Island* – Review
  4. Hinagdanan Cave Panglao Island* – Review
  5. Dolphin Watching Pamilacan, Baclayon* – Review
  6. Island Hopping Balicasag, Pamilacan (Panglao Isl.)* – Review
  7. Bohol Bee Farm Panglao Island – Review
  8. Philippine Tarsier Recreation Panglao Island – Review
  9. Tarsier Botanika Panglao Island – Review
  10. Cambagat Cave Panglao Island – Review
  11. Nova Shells Museum Panglao Island – Review
  12. Isola di Francesco Panglao Island – Review

Accommodation in Tagbilaran

Accommodation in Panglao Island


What to see following the route: TGR 1/2dfc/3/4a

Tagbilaran – Carmen [ 59 km to Carmen]

What to see following the route: TGR 1/2dfc/3/4a

Carmen-(Central)-Jagna [49 km to Jagna]

  1.  Rice Terraces Magsaysay, Sierra Bullones* – Review
  2.  Tubigan Cave Sierra Bullones – Review
  3.  Mabugnaw Falls Sierra Bullones – Review

Accommodation between Carmen and Jagna

What to see in Jagna:


  1. Eva Cave in Odiong Jagna – Review
  2. Luinab Rice Terraces Jagna – Review
  3. Kinahugan Falls Cabungaan, Jagna – Review
  4. Can-uba Beach Jagna – Review
  5. Cantuyoc Cave Jagna – Review
  6. Jagna Calamay Industry Tour* Jagna – Review

Accommodation in Jagna

From Jagna, the ferry will bring you to Balbagon (Camiguin) and the next leg (3) of The Golden Route.

You can choose to take the ferry direct to Cagayan de Oro City if there is no ferry service to Camiguin.

Arriving in Balbagon (Mambajao, Camiguin)…

What to see following the route: TGR 1/2ae/3/4bc

tgr3Balbagon-(West Coast)-Benoni [50 km to Benoni]

The Golden Route follows the coastal road counter clockwise until it reach Benoni.

The ferry in Benoni brings you to the next leg (4bc) of The Golden Route.

Arriving in Balingoan…

What to see in Balingoan:


  1. Langit-Langit Falls Balingoan – Review
  2. Lapinig Island Balingoan – Review
  3. Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort Balingoan – Review
  4. Banaug Shoal Balingoan – Review

Accommodation in Balingoan

What to see following the route: TGR 1/2ae/3/4bc

Balingoan-(Northeast Coast)-Gingoog City [39 km to Gingoog City]

  1. Sipaka Point Talisayan* – Review
  2. Seafood Restaurants Talisayan* – Review
  3. Duka Bay Resort Medina* – Review
  4. Alibuag Cold Spring Medina – Review

Accommodation between Balingoan and Gingoog City

What to see in Gingoog City:

  1. Dinah’s Beach Resort Gingoog City – Review
  2. City Tourism Office Gingoog City – Review
  3. Agay-ayan Sunog Cave Agay-ayan, Gingoog City – Review
  4. Sikongan Falls San Juan, Gingoog City – Review
  5. Kimadas Falls Malinao, Gingoog City – Review
  6. Mt. Sio-an Eco-Tourism and Adv. Park Gingoog City – Review
  7. Guadjus Resort and Eco-Farm Santiago, Gingoog City – Review
  8. Tiklas Falls Lawit, Gingoog City* – Review
  9. Bangbang Falls Libon, Gingoog City* – Review
  10. Kilubag Falls Libon, Gingoog City* – Review
  11. J Inland Resort Libertad, Gingoog City – Review
  12. Kagalaw-an Falls Dinawehan, Gingoog City – Review
  13. Johnny’s Ridge Zipline Binakalan, Gingoog City (Closed)
  14. Palapay Falls Binakalan, Gingoog City – Review
  15. Civoleg Falls Lunotan, Gingoog City – Review
  16. Alegado Falls Lunotan, Gingoog City – Review
  17. Flight 387 Shrine Lunotan, Gingoog City/Claveria – Review
  18. Mt. Lumot Lunotan, Gingoog City – Review

Accommodation in Gingoog City


What to see following the route: TGR 1/2ae/3/4bc

Gingoog City-(Claveria)-CdO City [94 km to CdO City]

  1. Mt.Sumagaya Creek Orchids Aposkahoy, Claveria* – Review
  2. Kilomi Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria* – Review
  3. Danggayon Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  4. Haruhay Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  5. Kiriwang Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  6. Lantawon Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  7. San Roque Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  8. Noslek Canopy Walk Magbais, Claveria (Closed)
  9. Katangkawan Falls Parmbugas, Claveria – Review
  10. Mailig Falls Malagana, Claveria – Review
  11. Suminuli Falls Patrocinio, Claveria – Review
  12. Nasaad Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  13. Kilubag Falls Aposkahoy, Claveria – Review
  14. Kahulugan Falls Mat-i , Claveria – Review
  15. Katubhan Falls Mat-i, Claveria – Review
  16. Mat-i Falls Mat-i, Claveria – Review
  17. Lumans Falls Mat-i, Claveria – Review
  18. Mamato Falls Minalwang, Claveria – Review
  19. Polinasan Falls Minalwang, Claveria – Review
  20. Bindol Falls Lanise, Claveria – Review
  21. Manu-il Falls Malagana, Claveria – Review
  22. Sta Cruz Falls Sta Cruz, Claveria – Review
  23. Ticala Falls Poblacion, Claveria – Review
  24. Pangitaan Falls Poblacion, Claveria – Review
  25. Hanggaron Falls Ane-i, Claveria – Review
  26. Alaw Falls Punong, Claveria – Review
  27. Anga Falls Plaridel, Claveria – Review
  28. Agricultural Tramline System Luna, Claveria* – Review
  29. Tagoloan River Dike Tagoloan – Review

See more about Claveria Waterfalls.

Accommodation between Gingoog City and CdO City

Arriving in Cagayan de Oro City…

What to see in Cagayan de Oro:


  1. River Trekking (Agusan River) Agusan* – Review
  2. Guadalupe Shrine Tablon – Review
  3. Palalan Falls Tablon – Review
  4. F.S. Catanico Falls F. S. Catanico – Review
  5. Mapawa Nature Park Cugman* – Review
  6. Migtugsok Falls Cugman* – Review
  7. Puntol Falls Cugman – Review
  8. Gardens of Malasag Cugman – Review
  9. Alwana Sports Avenue Cugman – Review
  10. Whitewater Rafting CdO* – Review
  11. Gaston Park Brgy 1 – Review
  12. City Museum (Old Water Tower) Brgy. 1 – Review
  13. Museum of Three Cultures Brgy. 22 – Review
  14. Museo de Oro Brgy. 40 – Review
  15. McArthur Landmark Macabalan – Review
  16. La Castilla Museum Carmen – Review
  17. Go Kart Racing Upper Carmen* – Review
  18. Skydiving Patag* – Review
  19. The Stoneware Pottery Bulua – Review
  20. NMPSA Shooting Range Bulua – Review
  21. High Ridge Macasandig – Review
  22. Guru Rock Climbing Gym Macasandig – Review
  23. Laser Blast Macasandig – Review
  24. Ultra Winds Mountain Resort Indahag/Paulas* – Review
  25. Kagay-an Resort Taguanao/Indahag – Review
  26. Eden’s Solace Upper Sumpong/Indahag – Review
  27. Cabula River Resort Lumbia – Review
  28. Kweba de Oro Lumbia – Review
  29. Macahambus Cave and Gorge Bayanga – Review
  30. Hanging Bridge Mambuaya* – Review
  31. Monigue Cave Mambuaya* – Review
  32. Sinulom Falls Tignapoloan* – Review

Accommodation in Cagayan de Oro City

From CdO City, you can make day-trips to all Municipals of Misamis Oriental, Northern part of Bukidnon and Iligan City.

From Cagayan de Oro City there are night ferries to Cebu City or fly back to Cebu City from the Airport in Laguindingan.



















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