Sipaka Point

Fish Ponds at the foot of Sipaka Point

There is a walkway all around the island where people can follow the Stations of the Cross, culminating at the highest peak on the islet with a large cross on top. The view on the peak is more than breathtaking and is definitely worth some photo shoot time. (Source)

Left: Balingoan Port   Right: Lapinig Island (Source)


Known for its strong current, the spot is good for more experienced divers. The natural current feeds the marine ecosystem resulting to a majestic underwater garden. Huge seafans, basket sponges, hard and soft corals and feather stars abound in this area as well as stringrays, snappers, groupers, and colorful small fishes. For the underwater photographer, the clear waters of Sipaka is ideal for micro and wide angle setups. (Source)


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