Aya-Aya Waterfalls

Aya-Aya Waterfalls

 Aya-aya Falls is a multi-tiered alluring architecture of falling water uniting two barangays of the Municipality of Lugait. It’s water springs from Barangay Aya-aya cascading into 22 individual water falls ending it’s trail at Barangay Upper Talacogon. Travelers can enjoy the thrill of trekking and adventure climbing ascending to its peak, free diving to extreme plunging, a little fishing and boating in between steps or simply have a  picnic, relishing on the grace and character of the falling water, ultimately communing with nature.

“Twenty two cascading falls in one destination! This is Aya-aya Falls, just about 10 minutes away from Lugait’s municipal public market. “

“Trekking here all the way to the top was so tiring and very dangerous – rocky and slippery. It took over an hour to walk,  hop and glide but it was fun and rewarding. I had fear but I conquered it. (Source)


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