Gimaylan Molave Mini Tree Park


Molave is a medium to large tree attaining a diameter of 100 to 150 centimeters and a height of 25 to 30 meters. It is a tree that grows irregularly, short, crooked, and has a fluted bole with thick, low, medium, to moderately large buttresses.

Molave is common in both secondary and open primary forests at low altitude throughout the Philippines in all or most islands and provinces. Thus, these forests are often called “molave forests”.

Molave, being one of the hardest woods, is used in railroad ties, ship-building, wagon-making, bridges, cabinet, carabao yokes, cog-wheels, inserted cogs, saltwater piles, plane stocks, sugar mills, sculpture, and carving wooden tools, tool handles, novelties, agricultural implements, and high-grade construction where strength and durability are required. (Source)


Ripening fruits (Source)

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Address:Cagayan - Iligan Hiway
Google Map:Gimaylan Molave Mini Tree Park

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