Lulu’s Nature An Agro-Forest Farm

Lulu’s Nature An Agro-Forest Farm is owned & Managed by:
Lourdes V. Abad & Narzal R. Muñez

Lulu’s Nature is situated in the hinterland barangay of Awang, Opol,  known for its rich mineral deposit of chromites ore which has been the subject to an “off-and-on” mining operations since the late 1930.

It is geographically located at longitude 124.4821 and latitude 8.4597. It is about 18 kilometres from the National Highway at Poblacion, Opol following a well-paved gravel road.

The place is secured for its stable peace and order condition as people in the community are mostly Dumagats or from the lowland, who are peace loving people.

Year 2000 – Conducted the Rehabilitation of Environment from Barren to Green.
Year 2012 – Introduction of Agricultural Development / Integrated Farming.

Always open.

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