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JCI Manila Sea of Life:

1. Dome Dropping ~ Artificial Reef Planting

Sea of Life (S.O.L.), a project initiated by a British national residing in General Santos City for more than 30yrs, Mr. Chris Dearne, aims to build environmental awareness regarding the rapid degradation of our marine natural resources due to illegal means of fishing (dynamite, cyanide, poaching).

The Philippines is classified as one of the world’s best destinations for aquatic marine life and tropical forest life diversity. Unfortunately, due to a third world economy, locals lack the education on how to properly care for our marine and land eco system. Therefore over fishing, cyanide fishing, dynamite fishing, and poaching has been rampant, to the point it has reached critical mass. As a direct impact, thousands of marine and animal species has either have become endangered or extinct. Indirect impact examples would include climate change, shift in food chain, flooding, and ultimately there will be nothing for our children and grandchildren to see.

In the effort to help rebuild our environment, JCI Manila, Pilipinas EcoWarriors and its partners plans to locally build as many man-made concrete domes and plant artificial marine reefs as possible that will serve as a marine habitat and/or shelter in various diving locations in the Philippines that have been severely damaged.

This project will not only target the rehabilitation of damaged marine reefs, rebuild the local fishing industry but also provide eco-tourism awareness that will help sustain this worthwhile cause.




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