Sagpulon Falls



Long walk, but it worth the effort, nice falls. (Robert Broad)(Source)


Governor Bambi Emano led the recent (Sep. 2014) formal ground breaking of the Php10M Sagpulon Falls Development Project in San Isidro, Jasaan. Sagpulon Falls has long been a favorite destination among local tourists from nearby towns but lacked the facilities to lure in more. The project includes a function hall, accommodation facilities, restrooms and an access footbridge and the completion of said amenities will make Sagpulon Falls more accessible to visitors. (Source)

Sagpulon Falls is temporary closed to the public, – effective June 1, 2015 until further notice!

Sagpulon Falls – under renovation and construction, will be open to public by October 2015. (Source)

Open to the public…2016 [Reopened in 2021]

Some new buildings along the access road – March 2016 (Source)

The renovated Hanging Bridge – May 2016 (Source)

In many places on Internet, is this Falls described as 350 METER high. If you measure elevation on the surroundings you will find it to be, approx 100 meter, so if the figure 350 is correct, it is in FEETS or about 107 meters. Still impressing Falls. 🙂

Approx. distance from Hanging Bridge to the Falls are 350 meters and an elevation of about 150-160 meters.



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