ARJE Resort

Their entrance fee is 40 pesos for adult and 30 pesos for children with special discounts. They have videoke for enthusiasts and free wifi. Pools are 8 feet and 4 feet deep and two adjacent pools for kids. Salbabida is also available for rent for only 50 pesos.

Arje resort’s opening hours is 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and no overnight swimming allowed.

2 swimming pools
1st pool : Round pool 1.5 ft with shower umbrella in the middle
2nd pool: Elliptical pool 2.5 ft with shower sidings

1 Rectangular in shape
Descending Depth
3ft, 4ft, 8ft
Length 22 meters,
Width 10 meters.

Website:no page found
Facebook:ARJE Pool / ARJE Resort
Email:no email found
Landline:(08822) 760684
Mobile:0997 117 8560
0927 246 6965
0917 712 2289
Barangay:Luz Banzon
Address:20 meters from the Cagayan-Butuan Hiway
Google Map:ARJE Resort

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    1. I have not been there, but to my knowledge, ARJE Resort and Crystal Pool Resorts are neighboring resorts – very close to each other

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