Water Delight Resort

Their cottages cost 200 pesos, 400 pesos, and 500 pesos. The venue hall cost 1,000 pesos, 2,000 pesos, and can be 4,000 pesos depending on the range of time it will be used. Rooms cost 700 pesos, 500 pesos, 800 pesos, with and fully aircon rooms.

Regular entrance fee for adult is 30 pesos and 20 pesos for children. Overnight entrance fee is 90 pesos per head and a minimum of 30 persons.

Water delight resorts is open from 6:00AM to 6:00PM. (Source)


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Mobile:0906 661 9232
Barangay:Luz Banzon
Address:Cagayan-Butuan Hiway
Google Map:Water Delight Resort
more Info:Entrance Fee: P20 - P90

Room Rates: P500 - P1000

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