Agricultural Tramline System



It has a 350-kilogram capacity and serves as an alternative transport system for agricultural products such as corn, upland and lowland rice and other high value crops such as vegetables, rootcrops, coffee, abaca, banana and peanut produced by 1,939 farmers with a total production area of 1,538 hectares. The tramline also helps the farmers in maintaining the quality of their farm produce as it offers efficient and convenient hauling, which in turn allows them to demand better price in the market. The ATS also cuts down more than 50% of the usual 2-hour travel time to and from Malagana and Luna. (Source)


The 2,211-meter Agricultural Tramline System (ATS) connecting barangays Luna and Malagana in Claveria. (Source)

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  1. hi, i am from indonesia.
    just a little want to share,
    very interesting article because it has similarities with my country, in my country called Timang Beach Cable Car which serves as an alternative transportation system for marine products.

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