Museum of Three Cultures


It gets its name from three distinct cultures exhibited at the museum, namely artifacts and antiques from ancient and early Lumad, Muslim, and Christian tribes in and around Cagayan de Oro.





The museum opened in 2008 and showcases a collection of rare arts and crafts, weapons, musical instruments, furniture, jewelry, archeological digs from Butuan and other rare antiques from the ancient and early Christian lowland tribes, Muslim tribes and Manobo and Higaunon tribes. (Source)

The museum is open on business hours on weekdays except Mondays

Website:no page found
Facebook:Museum of Three Cultures
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Landline:(088) 856-1156 local 290,303
Mobile:no number found
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Barangay:Brgy 22
Address:Corrales ext.
Google Map:Museum of Three Cultures
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