Lagbas Ancestral House

Lagbas Ancestral Home was built by Don Benedicto Lagbas, established in 1920’s.


The interior of this house is amazing.


In November, 1917 a certain Benedicto Lagbas, with some of his trusted lieutenants come to this place from Cebu (Sugbo). He found the place good for settlement. He converted some people from Camiguin, Cebu and some towns in Misamis Oriental to settle with him in the newly found abode. The place was found to have many cogon grass growing dominantly all over the area and the founder who came from Cebu of which the Cebuanos called it in their dialect as “SUGBO” and “cogon” . . . Sugbo ng cogon in one full name Sugbongcogon.

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Address:B. Lagbas Street
Google Map:Lagbas Ancestral House

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