Monigue Cave






Mambuaya Cave (formerly Monigue Cave)

The cave is located in barangay Mambuaya this city; the cave entrance is flowing water from underground stream. The cave has a small opening that seems too narrow to be passable, it has a six inches airspace between ceiling and water that you have submerge yourselves one by one, equipped with a helmet and a waterproof cap lamp. It contains a beautiful sparkling formation, which is called the Calcium Carbonates (CaCO3) or Calcites. These stalactites and stalagmites, white and brown, are sign of oxidized materials that take 50 to 60 years to form an inch the cave is definitely spellbinding. There were formations of flowstone, gurpool-resembling, rice terraces, transparent crystals and picturesque speleothems, such as cathedral drapes and icons.

It would be best to join a tour group when decided to explore Monigue Cave. You can contact hotels and whitewater rafting outfitters around the city or get in touch with the City Tourism Office. This is for the reason that traveling from the highway to the exact cave site is quite rough. You can also register as a guest at the Mambuaya Barangay Hall to get assisted. (Source)

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