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Suyo Beach Resort (Plames Beach Resort)

Suyo Beach Resort (formerly known as Plames Beach Resort)


Facilities & Accommodations:

Air Conditioned Room
Function Halls
Open Cottages
Volleyball & etc.


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Google Map:Suyo Beach Resort

Magnaye Beach Resort

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The places might even show up on Government sites, without any explanation of where or what it is, except from a “Tourist Attraction”.
There are also many places mentioned, which is CLOSED, WRONG NAMED/RENAMED and WRONG SPELLINGS. And too many websites, copy from each other without checking, if the information about these locations are correct.

So if you like to know more about a place in Misamis Oriental, you are at the right place. Our website will give you the latest details and if you can’t find it; "Ask Us" and we do our best to find an answer for you.

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Barangay: Maputi
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