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Inabanga, Bohol


Inabanga River of the town of Inabanga was once infested with crocodiles. Every year, since time beyond recall, a human life was lost through attack by a crocodile. The people being superstitious in nature believed that the yearly loss of life was a rental (abang) for the use of the river. Hence the name Inabangan River (Rented River). The Spaniards, however, met difficulty in pronouncing Inabangan, consequently called the place Inabanga. And so it has been to this day.

The town of Inabanga is blessed with natural attractions with rolling terrain, hills and mountains, Inabanga River, the largest river of Bohol, Ilihan Falls and the Macavan Cave. Other attractive sights are the centuries old Inabanga Church which is dedicated to Saint Paul and whose feast day falls on June 30. Getting its share of visitors is the Inabanga Nature Park and Fishing Village. (Source)

Ilihan Falls
Barangay Ilihan?


Macaban Cave
The cave is found at Inabanga River with its entrance seen just above the water level. Local residents often call the cave “Macaban City Cave”. Superstitions folks believe that the cave is the abode of supernatural beings or engkantos.

Folklore has it that people make lists of things that they needed and would borrow and put the list at the crack of the cave. More often than not, the things listed were found at the opposite bank the next day. This practice stopped though when the people were not conscientious enough to return the things that they borrowed from the engkantos. (Source)
Inabanga Church
The Inabanga Church of Saint Paul, whose feast day is celebrated every 30th of June, is situated near the banks of Inabanga River. It is on an elevated area which is the highest point in the municipality and is protected by stone embankments.
The church was built in 1931 under the administration of Fr. Quiterio Sarigumba. (Source)


North Bohol faultline
The 2013 Bohol earthquake occurred on October 15 at 8:12am (PST) in Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines. The magnitude of the earthquake was recorded at Mw 7.2, with epicenter 6 kilometres S 24° W of Sagbayan, and its depth of focus was 12 kilometres. PHIVOLCS reported that the North Bohol Fault (NBF), which generated the Mw 7.2 earthquake, is a northeast-southwest trending reverse fault along the western sector of Bohol island. Surface ruptures ranging from 0.10 metres to as high as 5 metres in vertical displacements were exposed in Barangay Anonang in Inabanga, Bohol.


Inabanga Nature Park and Fishing Village
This two-hectare village is virtually new and boasts of a large garden with wading pools and fishing ponds and an organic farm. Hammocks are provided, strung on tall coconut trees, where one can take a breather and relax, whiling away the time. Picnic tables are spread around the garden, some near the pools, ponds and restaurant.

One feasts there on roasted organic quail or a roasted chicken, crispy shrimps, steamed crabs, squid and other seafood, which Inabanga is rich of. Other native dishes are prepared upon order. Local fruits, especially ripe mangoes, are for dessert. For a wholesome experience, fish first at the ponds and have your catch cooked for your lunch. (Source)


inabangaMunicipal of Inabanga (Source)




Duka Bay Resort





COME TO THE TRANQUIL, shady Duka Bay Resort, Inc. Watch the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy our elegant, spacious villas, open-air restaurant, and rich coral life. Make use of our scuba diving gears, kayaks, bancas, and glass bottom boats.

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Address:Medina By-Pass Road
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Alibuag Cold Spring


The place boasts of natural, chilly-cold and crystal clear water.

From the highway, you will need to take about 200 meter uphill climb to reach the area.  The source of the serene water is natural coming from the mountain which was contained in a 100 square meter pool. Its depth ranges from 4 feet to a deep of 7 feet.

The area is developed by the local government and offers a perfect haven for total rest and recreation.

Comfort rooms and dressing rooms are ably provided. Bringing of food is free of charge. No reservation is needed as you can just pack your stuff and head to the area.  (Source)


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Go Kart Racing





SPEED MASTER Go-kart Racing lets you sample its brand new go-karts at the Roof Deck, SM Parking Complex, SM City, Upper Carmen. Cagayan de oro city

Opening Hours:  10:00AM – 9:00PM

For only 250 pesos you can try the amazing go kart for 10 laps.

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Mobile:0920 945 9488
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Barangay:Upper Carmen
Address:SM Pueblo de Oro
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Laser Blast







Laser tag, the newest non-contact sport that’s gaining popularity in Manila and Cebu is now in Cagayan de Oro City.

In case you’re not familiar with the game, it’s pretty similar with airsoft except that players wear a vest and a hold a phaser which is a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. It’s like Star Wars in reality. At Laser Blast, players are grouped into two opposing color teams who will try to shoot or tag the players of the other team with their phaser. (Source)

Laser Blast is located at the 3rd floor of UHRHC Building just at the back Corpus Christi High School in Macasandig.

Laser Blast open Sunday to Friday- 12nn to 9pm; Saturday- 10am to 9pm

Rate: Mon to Thurs @ 150/person/game; Friday to Sunday @ 180/person/game

Game time is 15minutes. LaserTag is a sports activity just like basketball. 15mins of play is already long & tiring enough for the average person’s stamina.

Minimum of 4players ( 2 vs 2), Maximum of 12players (6 vs 6)

You may contact them for booking or reservation. Phone number below.

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Facebook:Laser Blast
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Mobile:0917-6761773 (Globe)
0918-4964285 (Smart)
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:UHRHC Building
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