Dako na Ilihan

Dako na Ilihan (big natural fortress)

The ilihans or natural fortresses in Initao were believed to be used even before the Spaniards came to the district. Ms. Vismin Lozano, a Higaunon and former Department of Interior and Local Government of Initao, narrated that these natural fortresses were the refuge of the women and children of Higaunon, the earliest known settlers of Initao, when raiders would attack their community. According to their local history there were constant battles waged between the Moro and the Higaunon. Ilihans were used as the primary strategy of the Higaunon to protect their community. Ms. Lozano mentioned that Spaniards later used these natural fortresses to build clay bricked-watchtowers as these hills make perfect vantage points to see the arrival of people both by water and by land. Today, the Dako nga Ilihan is now privately owned by the current mayor of Initao, Mayor Enerito Acain V. The Mayor plans to make the large natural fortress a historical tourist spot by 2016.

Dako nga Ilihan is a large hill, surrounded by heavy forestation, at a location that overlooks the sea to the west. The site also has a vantage point of Gamay nga Ilihan to the north. To get to the site, one must walk a 30-minute to 1-hour trek from the sentro of the town to reach the top of the hill. (Source)

The site is on private property

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