Kanapolan Falls

“Kanapulan Falls has three separate and distinct waterfalls. Climbing up on a steep stairway led us to the second waterfall which gently flows down to a shallow basin. Then we negotiated a narrow path to reach the third waterfall. We were laughing when we saw a small drop and initially thought that must be it. Collecting our wits, we walked a little further until we saw the third tier. ” (Source)

At Naawan Bus Terminal, you’ll find habal-habal drivers lining up. You can ask them to take you to Kanapulan Falls at Barangay Tagbalogo, the fare will be around Php 20. If you travel alone, you’ll most likely double your payment to the habal-habal driver. A guide is optional, the place is really easy to explore and there are actually locals whom you can ask in the area.

Kanapulan Falls is relatively accessible. Aside from the 15 minute habal-habal ride to Barangay Tagbalogo from Naawan Bus Terminal, it also requires a 5 – 10 minute trek and a small river crossing at the jump off point. (Source)



Mantalapok, Balabag, Mamidyas, and Abaga N Kulas Falls in the same barangay. (Source)

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