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Amaya View

AMAYA VIEW is the newest sky destination located at the highest peak of Cagayan de Oro. Although still under construction, Amaya View (formerly Sierra del Oro) first opened its doors with Hugo Skye Lounge as its first attraction to welcome and cater to guests who would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to take a breath of fresh air while reveling in the spectacular view of Cagayan de Oro.
A mere 20 minute drive from downtown, guests are treated to a full view of the city, while having the pleasure and convenience of leisure spots, recreational activities and restaurants.

HUGO Skye Lounge, a restaurant and bar

Amaya View’s iconic bar and restaurant takes pride in its delicious food, extensive bar list, and great service.

Resto Bar Operating Hours:
MON – SAT 5 PM – 1 AM
SUNDAYS, Holidays 11 AM – 2 PM & 4 PM – 12 MN

SUTU Skye Dining, a traditional Filipino Restaurant

Amaya View’s traditional Filipino restaurant, Sutu pays homage to authentic Visayan cuisine.

Operating Hours & Rates

MON – FRI 11 AM – 2 PM & 5 PM – 10 PM
SAT – SUN, Holidays 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM
5 PM – 10 AM

AMAYA Cafe, a coffee shop

Amaya View’s coffee shop that lets you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a slice of cake.

Operating Hours & Rates

MON – SUNDAY 7 AM – 11 PM (Menu Available Upon Request)

Larry’s Corner, a snack bar

Amaya View’s snack bar has a menu made especially for kids, and of course, those kids-at-heart.

PARAGLIDING, first in Cagayan de Oro that gives all a chance to fly!

For the best paragliding experience, we advice that our dear guests book between 10 o’clock in the morning to 4 o’clock in the afternon.

Booking are not guaranteed and we encourage walk-ins only due to the fact that paragliding is weather-dependent.

This is to ensure the safety of our guests.

LARRY’S HILL, a playground

A playground in the Skye that includes activities for all. Imagine the thrill of climbing up a high rope course and jumping from a man-made helicopter! Kids and adults can also enjoy the largest and the only outdoor ball pit in the Philippines! Larry’s Hill also offers team-building activities and outdoor camping.

Operating Hours & Rates

MON – THURS 9 AM – 8 PM (Activity Rates Available Upon Request)

FRI – SUN, Holidays 8 AM – 10 PM

Larry’s Hill Activities Rate/Pax
High Ropes 250
Low Ropes 150
Ball Pit 100
Zip Line 150
Basic Rappelling 200
Wall Climbing 150
Leap Jump and Maze Tower 150
Basic First Aid 150
All Terrain Vehicle ( ATV )  
Big 450
Small 350

THE ROCK CHAPEL, a glass chapel

Take in the beauty of nature and the solemnity of the Eucharist through its crystal-clear panes. No shoes are allowed inside the glass floor chapel. Masses are held Sunday mornings at 10 am. The Rock Chapel is also open for weddings and special occasions.

Amaya View Azul

Amaya View’s pride is this lifestyle infinity pool.

Pool Operating Hours & Rates
MON – THURS 7 AM – 11 PM ​
ADULTS P 350 ​/ KIDS P 200

FRI – SUN, Holidays 6 AM – 12 MN
ADULTS P 400 / KIDS P 300 

Bistro Operating Hours
MON – THURS 7 AM – 9 PM ​
FRI – SUN Holidays 6 AM – 9 PM (Bar 10 PM) ​

Walk-ins allowed

Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is based on the iconic biblical ark where pairs of animals were assembled inside by Noah to be saved from the Great Flood.

Operating Hours & Rates

FRI – SUN, Holidays 8 AM – 8 PM

Hobbit Houses

Based on the quaint, picturesque houses of the famous hobbits from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings!

These twelve (12) 15-sqm air-conditioned camping style rooms are already built with necessities for an overnight stay, all furnished with a large bed, and toilet & bath.

Good for 3 pax, Camping type bed, with bathrooms.

Operating Hours & Rates
P 2,450.00 / NIGHT

AMAYA Functions, a 900 sqm air-conditioned function room.

A 900-sqm air-conditioned function room that can cater up to four hundred (400) guests.

Other attractions coming soon: Hotel Rooms and Villas, Koi Pond, Aviary etc.

Cab service is available to bring you up to Indahag for an estimated regular fee of 250-300 pesos from downtown.

Shuttles are also available at Gaisano Mall Parking Lot via Donsal Transport, rates will be based on Donsal

Website:Amaya View
Facebook:Amaya View
Landline:no number find
Mobile:+63 917 146 3941
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:Sitio Sto. Nino, Indahag Hills,
Google Map:Amaya View
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P126,-/one way
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Go Kart Racing





SPEED MASTER Go-kart Racing lets you sample its brand new go-karts at the Roof Deck, SM Parking Complex, SM City, Upper Carmen. Cagayan de oro city

Opening Hours:  10:00AM – 9:00PM

For only 250 pesos you can try the amazing go kart for 10 laps.

Probably closed again! No ads found. (2019)

Website:no page found
Facebook:Go Kart Racing
Email:no email found
Landline:no number found
Mobile:0920 945 9488
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Barangay:Upper Carmen
Address:SM Pueblo de Oro
Google Map:Go Kart Racing


Cabula River Resort






Entrance Fee for Adults is P50.00 and Kids below 4 feet is P30.00.

Pool hours is from 7am-7pm Tuesday-Sunday (closed on Mondays)

The resort is just a few minutes walk from Macahambus Cave

Website:no page found
Facebook:no page found
Email:no email found
Landline:no number found
Mobile:0922 884 5322
0922 881 2978
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:Quarry Cabula, Lumbia, Cagayan De Oro City
Google Map:Cabula River Resort
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P187,-/one way
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Laser Blast

Permanently closed








Laser tag, the newest non-contact sport that’s gaining popularity in Manila and Cebu is now in Cagayan de Oro City.

In case you’re not familiar with the game, it’s pretty similar with airsoft except that players wear a vest and a hold a phaser which is a hand-held infrared-emitting targeting device. It’s like Star Wars in reality. At Laser Blast, players are grouped into two opposing color teams who will try to shoot or tag the players of the other team with their phaser. (Source)

LaserBlast is located at the 3/F of the big building behind Corpus Christi Highschool, just before the entrance gate of MegaHomes Subd, in Macasandig, CDO.

Laser Blast open Sunday to Friday- 12nn to 9pm; Saturday- 10am to 9pm

Rate: Mon to Thurs @ 150/person/game; Friday to Sunday @ 180/person/game

Game time is 15minutes. LaserTag is a sports activity just like basketball. 15mins of play is already long & tiring enough for the average person’s stamina.

Minimum of 4players ( 2 vs 2), Maximum of 12players (6 vs 6)


You may contact them for booking or reservation. Phone number below.

Website:no page found
Facebook:Laser Blast
Landline:no number found
Mobile:0917-6761773 (Globe)
0918-4964285 (Smart)
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:UHRHC Building
Google Map:Laser Blast






Guru Rock Climbing Gym





Opening Hours: 4:00PM – 9:00PM


Website:no website found
Facebook:Guru Rock Climbing Gym
Landline:no number found
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:Mandumol-Aluba-Buena Oro Rd, Cagayan de Oro
Google Map:Guru Rock Climbing Gym
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Alwana Sports Avenue


Marco Sports Avenue

Located within Marco Hotel, the Marco Sports Avenue offers a variety of sports facilities that include indoor tennis and badminton courts, table tennis, rock climbing wall, pool table, darts, swimming pool, and a fitness gym.


Climbing gym

6 walls: multi-features, ranging from vertical to 60 degrees incline, 25ft. high, ideal for bouldering.

Rock Wall Climbing Rate: Php 100/hour | Php 672/month (2013)

Opening Hours: 1pm-9pm, Mon-Sat


Website:Alwana Rock Wall
Facebook:no page found
Landline:(88) 855-2201 to 03 local 0 or 111
(8822) 73-2542
(8822) 73-2543
Mobile:no number found
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:Alwana Drive Alwana Business Park, Cagayan de Oro
Google Map:Alwana Sports Complex
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P85,-/one way
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Museum of Three Cultures


It gets its name from three distinct cultures exhibited at the museum, namely artifacts and antiques from ancient and early Lumad, Muslim, and Christian tribes in and around Cagayan de Oro.





The museum opened in 2008 and showcases a collection of rare arts and crafts, weapons, musical instruments, furniture, jewelry, archeological digs from Butuan and other rare antiques from the ancient and early Christian lowland tribes, Muslim tribes and Manobo and Higaunon tribes. (Source)

The museum is open on business hours on weekdays except Mondays

Website:no page found
Facebook:Museum of Three Cultures
Email:no email found
Landline:(088) 856-1156 local 290,303
Mobile:no number found
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Barangay:Brgy 22
Address:Corrales ext.
Google Map:Museum of Three Cultures
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P43,-/one way
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La Castilla Museum







La Castilla was christened by the lady of the House, Mrs. Pelaez. Its grounds used to be part of a six-hectare property belonging to the Pelaez family; originally planned to corn and coconut along what was once a two-lane dirt country road that was known as Kauswagan Road. This thorough fare provided the only access to Kauswagan and the fishing community of Bonbon. In 1976, with the construction of the Marcos Bridge, part of the property was expropriated by the government to give way to the inexorable march of progress. Today, an abbreviated portion of the original grounds of La Castilla is all that remains of its landscaped gardens.

In 1968, six years after Atty. Pelaez transferred the campus of Liceo de Cagayan from its original site fronting Gaston Park across the St. Augustine Cathedral in downtown Cagayan de Oro to its present location at the junction of Patag and Kauswagan Roads (now Rodolfo N. Pelaez Blvd.), La Castilla also served as a guest house- until the magnitude six earthquake that shook Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro included, in July 1976 which precipitated the Founders’ decision to take up residence in La Castilla from the third floor of what has always been their residence in Rizal Street in the Poblacion. La Castilla then served as their home until the demise of Atty. Pelaez on August 10, 1980. (Source)

La Castilla was the summer residence of Atty. Rodolfo N. Pelaez and his wife Elsa Pelaez- Pelaez, and of vignettes in their lives that revolved around it.

For a tour at the museum, you can arrange with the curator Mr. Emmanuel Echem.

Website:no page found
Facebook:La Castilla Museum
Email:no email found
Landline:no number found
Mobile:0917 794 5756
City/Municipal:Cagayan de Oro
Address:R.N.Pelaez Blvd
Google Map:La Castilla Museum
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