Blue View Resort and Residences

Remember Family Fun Sea View Resort in El Salvador City. Its public opening really did not push thru last year (2014) but some customers managed to use the resort through private bookings. Now, it will again set for a public opening soon but with a different name…

An ideal place for relaxation and for special events like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.

The facility was formally opened last October 13, 2015 with El Salvador City Mayor Alfred Q. Tan as special guest.

Entrance fee is P250 per pax inclusive of pool use. BlueView is open from 7AM-10PM. Deepest portion of pool is 5 feet. Its function hall can accommodate 100-150 pax which is good for special occasions. Pool use is from 8AM to 7PM. Restaurant is open up to 10PM.

Meanwhile, they also have accommodations with room rates at P3,800 good for 4. A much bigger room costs around P5,800.

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Website:Blue View Resort
Facebook:Blue View Resort
Landline:no number found
Mobile:0925 876 2491
0917 302 2658
City/Municipal:El Salvador City
Address:Zone 6, Sapong
GPS Location:8°33'0.79"N 124°31'28.18"E
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