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Highland Fresh

Highland Fresh, is owned and managed by the Northern Mindanao Dairy Cooperative.

Northern Mindanao Federation of Dairy Cooperatives (NMFDC) is the only secondary dairy producing cooperative in Northern Mindanao operating its own milk processing plant and directly marketing its finished products.
NMFDC started with 7 primary cooperatives in 1987 and to date, it has a total of 13 primary cooperative members in Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City.

Highland Fresh dairy products are 100% pure cow’s milk.

Fresh Milk

Flavored Milk

Flavored Milkbar

Gouda Cheese


White Cheese

Pure Butter

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Address:Zone 8
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G/F, RK Arcade, Rizal-Hayes Sts.,
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Handmade Paper Products


The Dayawan Handmade Paper is a livelihood project of the San Roque Handmade Paper Products Multi-Purpose Cooperative, a non-stock, non-profit organization in the Municipality of Villanueva, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It is duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority.

Popularly known by its trade name Dayawan Handmade Paper, the group is composed of 32 families supported by the STEAG State Power Inc. (SPI), the Local Government Unit of Villanueva,  PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority (PIA), Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Labor and Employment.

Before the group was organized, the families once lived in Barangay Balacanas in Villanueva.

In 2003, they were relocated to San Roque Village in Barangay Dayawan in preparation for the  construction of SPI’s 210-MW coal-fired power plant located in Barangay Balacanas. In the relocation site, they were given by SPI decent housing, comprehensive assistance in health, education, spirituality, skills enhancement and various livelihood projects.

One of the livelihood projects was in handmade paper production, an alternative to the Integrated Farming System that was introduced earlier.  The mechanics were taught in November 2004 initially to 10 women, who learned how to produce handmade paper from abaca fiber, and create greeting cards, storage boxes, pen holders and lamp shades and other innovative novelty items.

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Address:Phase 3 San Roque Village
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Salvadore wine

Bolisong Women Wine Makers Inc (BWWMI), a winery that makes delicious export quality duhat (lomboy) juice.

Naturally fermented, perfectly aged, Salvadore duhat wine, has 10% alcoholic content. One bottle costs Php230. (Source)

The wine, the women and the magic they did to Duhat and Cashew has drawn national attention to a rare product that the Philippines has been importing from several countries for years.

The women of Barangay Bolisong in this rustic community in the outskirts of the provincial capital of Cagayan de Oro City has turned Duhat (black plum) and cashew, which abounds in the area, into an energy-enhancing wine called Salvadore.

Salvadore goes through a natural fermentation process with no additives added to it and each bottle is prepared with utmost care in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices required by the government. (Source)

Salvadore Wine is available at the Pasalubong Center in El Salvador City.

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Seaweed Snack

Catalino Women’s Association

Research and development worked well with Catalino’s Women Association as they utilize seaweeds that grow abundantly on Misamis Oriental’s coast. With the collaborative help from various government agencies such as National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), and the provincial government of Libertad Misamis Oriental, CWA whose members consist of the wives of the fisherman turned the natural wonders of their province into a healthy food innovation.

Aside from providing livelihood to the women in their area, CWA was able to provide food alternatives to their town and other neighboring municipalities that are unique to the taste. They offer processed food products such as seaweed noodles and snack sticks and pickled seaweeds. (Source)

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Bibingka is a type of rice cake native to the Philippines. This is traditionally made from galapong (milled glutinous rice), coconut milk, margarine, and sugar. During dawn masses on Christmas season, side street vendors are a common sight preparing and selling this delicious rice cake along with “puto bumbong”.

The traditional way of cooking Bibingka is unique and quite time consuming. The mixture is poured on a clay pot lined with pre-cut banana leaf. A special clay oven known as “Bibingka oven” is needed to bake this rice cake. The clay pot is placed between the layers of the Bibingka oven and lit charcoals (locally known as “uling”) are placed below and above the clay pot to evenly cook the mixture.

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